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Grow your ecommerce business with marketing automation

Integrate your ecommerce in minutes

Connect your store with your marketing stack by installing one of Convero’s ready-made ecommerce plugins and without touching a line of code. If you have a custom ecommerce engine, your developers can leverage the powerful API library to customize the integration as you see fit.

Monitor all your shopper’s activities

Get in-depth information about your shopper’s activities such as order history, search history or abandoned carts. This allows you to manage and engage with your shopper in a more personalized way.

Run powerful automations

Convert your shoppers throughout their journey by creating powerful automation workflows based on their behavior. Trigger automated messages to convert your cart abandoners, upsell and cross-sell your buyers, reward your loyal customers and re-engage your inactive leads.

Track your KPIs

Use Convero’s ecommerce drag-and-drop reporting widgets to visualize the KPIs that matter to you the most and monitor the activity of all your shoppers. This allows you to find out what’s going on and tweak your marketing campaigns accordingly.


Ecommerce features

Import your catalog to CONVERO and access your products directly when creating email campaigns, landing pages and more.

Drag and drop our ecommerce-ready designs that are built to display content dynamically from abandoned carts, order history and browse behavior. The content is unique to each shopper.

Design and customize your landing pages and emails with ecommerce resizable components. These include store feed, related products, last viewed products, last viewed categories, last abandoned cart and last order details.

Add different ecommerce shortcodes to personalize your landing pages and emails such as lifetime value, last order total, last order status, last abandoned cart URL and last product search.

Customize your landing pages and emails with dynamic ecommerce blocks to create a more personalized experience for your shoppers and drive them to take action. No coding required.

Drag and drop different ecommerce triggers and actions to visually build your store’s automation workflow.

More than 40 ecommerce triggers including: Abandoned Cart, Completed Order, Total Lifetime Value, Product Visits, First Order Date, and more…

Numerous ecommerce actions such as Send Email, Browser Push Notifications, Twilio SMS, Add To List, Update Contact, Remove from List, Push to Automation, Pull from Automation, Synch to Third Party, Notify Team, Add Delay, Add Tag, Remove Tag, Create New Task, and Add to Task.

Use CONVERO’s drag & drop builder to create your automated ecommerce emails. Choose a pre-designed template, build your own design, or upload yours.

Connect your Twilio SMS service to automatically send personalized text messages to your contacts.

Send browser push notifications to your anonymous visitors or contacts based on their engagement.

Notify your team members by email, in real-time, when a new ecommerce activity occurs.

Build your own personalized reporting dashboard using ecommerce widgets to display your most important store data and metrics. Drag and drop new widgets, reorder them and label your dashboard with a name of your choice.

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