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Lead Management

Profile your leads, segment your audience and manage your lists seamlessly

Generate more leads

No need to hire a developer or a designer to create and embed forms on your page. Use CONVERO’s easy-to-use drag & drop form builder to design lead capture forms for landing pages and website popups.

Manage your leads with no limits

Import unlimited contacts, segment them into different audiences through smart filters, and manage all your lists from one place. You can also synchronize your leads with your existing CRM platforms using CONVERO’s native connectors and integration tools.

Know your leads inside out

Use CONVERO’s built-in lead tracker to profile all your prospects activities starting from their first website visit to their last engagement with your marketing channels. Get great insights from integrated Lead Intelligence tools such as IP Locator, in depth analytics and tracking tools.

Focus on your most valuable leads

Use CONVERO’s Lead Scoring to focus on your hottest leads first, be more effective and get better results. Set up your own parameters and labels to categorize your leads based on their progress through your funnel and likelihood to convert.

Schedule meetings faster

Use CONVERO’s meeting scheduler to schedule your appointments faster without all the back-and-forth emails. Share a link that gives contacts the power to choose a time that works for everyone. This works with Google Calendar and is fully integrated with your marketing account.

Lead management features

Segment your contacts using smart filters to automatically populate an audience from different lists, sources and more than 28 engagement points.

Add, edit, copy or merge your lists. You can also sort and search your lists based on your preference.

Mass import an unlimited number of contacts by uploading your own Excel file (.csv). and (.xls).

Synchronize your contacts data with over 1,000 apps using CONVERO’s Zapier connector.

Synchronize your contacts data with Salesforce using our native integration connector.

Synchronize your contacts data with Hubspot using our native integration connector.

Synchronize your contacts data with ZOHO CRM using our native integration connector.

Synchronize your contacts with Insightly using this powerful addon. You can synchronize contact details, email opens, lead scores, goals reached and more. Setup the account to sync automatically or as part of an automation.

Connect multiple applications using CONVERO – KonnectzIT integration. This feature is a suitable alternative to Zapier and useful when you need to connect a lot of API calls.

Connect multiple applications using CONVERO – Pabbly integration. This feature is a suitable alternative to Zapier and useful when you need to connect a lot of API calls.

Use this integration to connect your Elementor forms with your CONVERO account.

Connect CONVERO to your custom SFTP server, to schedule secure data uploads hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You can choose the source list, contact activity types and much more in a CSV, JSON or XML format.

Use the platform’s open API integration to synchronize your data with other 3rd party apps.

Create customized forms by choosing from various fields to capture your leads information.

Generate a form code to embed it on your website or landing page.

Use the form API sync to capture your leads without changing your existing web forms.

Ready-to-use GDPR compliance fields to add to your forms targeting your European audience.

With no coding required, you can easily create lead capture popups. Set your pop up rules by choosing preferences like duration and delay, device type, audience, source and geo-location of your visitors. You can also split test your pop ups to determine the winning variant you want to keep on your website or landing page.

Capture new contacts using built-in form landing page.

Automatically redirect your visitors to another page upon their subscription.

Set up message and email autoresponder for your contacts upon signing up to your CONVERO forms.

Track your lead interactions with your various marketing touchpoints based on an activity timeline on his profile.

Connect up to 10 additional email inboxes with your account and start tracking conversations directly from the contact profile. You can reply and add recipients to your lists directly from the conversation. Gmail accounts are currently not supported.

Track your conversions by setting up goals such as number of pages visited, duration of visits, source, event triggered, stage or fixed value reached.

Customize your contact’s fields and visualize their data in one place.

Setup your lead scores by assigning different rules, values and labels to track the progress of your leads throughout your funnels and determine the various lead segments to address them in a personalized and efficient way.

Manage your contacts data individually. Edit, move or copy a specific contact on your list or add him manually to an automation. You can also unsubscribe/delete contacts from a certain list or permanently delete all his Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and tracking data from all your lists on your database.

Send a direct email or an SMS to a specific contact.

Assign a specific lead to one or more team members.

Add tags to your individual contacts for better segmentation, filtering and targeting.

Send automatic alerts to one or more of your team members via email after each subscription.

Use CONVERO’s meeting scheduler to schedule your appointments faster without all the back-and-forth emails.

With CONVERO and Zoom or GoToWebinar integration, you can sync webinar registrants along with their attendance activities which allows you to turn event data into marketing data.

Export individual contacts profile to an Excel file (.xls).

Export contacts or lists to a an Excel file (.csv).

Add contacts to a suppression list to prevent them from receiving future communications from you.

Track vital information of your lists such as active contacts, unsubscribes, bounces, spam complaints and more…

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